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The Max Weber Programme at the EUI

The Max Weber Programme (MWP) is a postdoctoral training programme for academics in the social sciences that are in the early stages of their academic careers. Founded in 2006, the Max Weber Programme offers both 1 and 2 year fellowships. The Max Weber Programme is based within the European University Institute.

Max Weber Fellows are recent recipients of doctorates from leading universities all around the world. The fellows represent a range of both nationalities and research interests. Each of the fellows is paired with an academic mentor in one of the four EUI departments (Economics, History and Civilization, Law, and Political and Social Sciences). Within the host department, Max Weber Fellows receive mentoring from leading experts in their field and are gain valuable academic experience through workshop organization, seminar presentations, research group collaboration, and both on and off site class instruction.

The Max Weber Programme provides the fellows with a home that encourages interdisciplinary discussion and research. Twice a month, academic experts visit the Max Weber Programme to give a seminar addressing the current debates in social, economic, and political policy. The fellows have a unique opportunity to interact with these experts and increase their exposure within their fields.

The Max Weber Programme additionally provides for the academic training that is often overlooked in doctorate programs. This includes sessions designed to improve fellows’ presentation skills, interview skills, critical writing abilities, teaching preparedness and abilities, and the general protocols associated with being a professional research academic. These skills are invaluable as fellows move from the Max Weber Programme into worldclass research groups all around the world.

Finally, perhaps the most important contribution of the Max Weber Programme, one that is difficult to understand until one arrives in Florence, is to expose future academic leaders to different viewpoints and research methodologies. With increased funding and emphasis on interdisciplinary work in academia, the ability to think beyond the scope of one's research field and incorporate ideas from other disciplines is a valuable skill to possess.

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