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The MWF Society

The Max Weber Fellows Society

The Max Weber Fellows Society was founded in June 2011 to foster connections between fellows both across and within cohorts.

Beginning with the first cohort of Max Weber fellows (for the academic year 2006/07), each cohort has contributed one fellow to serve an administrative role for the MWF Society website. The website will be the main portal that allows Max Weber fellows to share academic and personal information.

The MWF society recognizes the value of the ever-growing network of Max Weber fellows and seeks to harness these externalities by providing in a concise and elegant manner the current research activities (book releases, affiliations, conferences, workshops) of all fellows. This website serves as the portal for this information.

The website will be the most effective if each fellow will invest the brief amount of time to Register for the MWF Society Database. This requires creating an academic profile using the beautifully designed web format. Most elements in the academic profile can be either "Private", meaning that they are only viewable by MWF members logged into the website, or "Public", meaning that they are viewable to anyone.

By entering your contact information, news such as book releases, upcoming conferences and seminars, and recent publications, other fellows can easily find out about your current research activities. This allows not only colleagues from your own cohort to stay in touch, but we hope that it encourages research projects between fellows that have perhaps never met before.

The MWF society website will make your profile prominent on search engines, and any academic announcements that were previously made on Facebook will have a longer shelf-life with the MWF society website.

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